West YangChengHu Orchard

        It is a landscape project with the first productive professional orchard and the city park in Suzhou. It is the ecological city park with the characteristics of Jiangnan Water Village and the pastoral style. The park features fruit trees, lakeshore aquatic forests, wetlands and cherry blossoms as the theme of the landscape, into the popular science, cultural activities and wetland fishing huts, urban orchard picking, wet leisure huts, camps and other recreational activities, Visitors in the natural ecological wetland environment, experience the return of natural harmony and leisure fun.

【Fruit picking】

  Loquat: 5.15 - 6.15 Available for picking and buying

  Pears: 7.15-8.15 available for picking, buying

Tel: 18913183618,0512-65375165

Address: Yangcheng Lake Road and cross-Yang Road at the junction